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Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 a Week: Sandals for Dolls

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for week 5 of…
5 a Week: Sandals for Dolls


The Five a Week Pledge

If you haven’t been around here, it’s where you pledge to do five things each week of your choice (see the first week for more info).  I pledged to make five small crafts each week.  Feel free to grab a button and join me.  If you already have, post a comment or a link to share what you accomplished.

This week’s craft:

Five Pairs of Doll Sandals

Sandals!  For Dolls!

Another craft for dolls, but this will probably the last for a little while.  My bjd shouldn’t get all the fun.  Plus with these she now has enough clothing to officially be considered fully dressed (see her reaction on the doll blog). 

Lace and Ribbon Doll Sandals

I made the shoes based on this cute bjd sandal tutorial.  There’s just a few differences.

Lace and Ribbon Doll Sandals

I only used one layer of foam instead of two because if I had used two layers I would have ended up with platforms, not the look I was going for exactly.  I just attached the straps to the sides of the foam really well letting the lace on the edge re-enforce it.

Lace and Ribbon Doll Sandals

Instead of making ankle straps like in the tutorial, I just added ribbon to tie on the sandals.  It makes it easier to fit and looks really cute.

Lace and Ribbon Doll Sandals

One problem I had was that the lace I used was wider than the foam.  When I attached it to the edge of the foam I had to trim off the excess at the bottom.  I tried to just glue it down instead with the first pair of sandals, but it looked terrible.  Trimming was the better option indeed. 

Since it’s been five weeks since I started this challenge, I thought it best to recap what I’ve accomplished.

I’ve made:

25 plus one bonus is 26 crafts completed in five weeks.  Not too bad.  A very helpful person left a lovely comment referring to this as a “productivity challenge”.  Looking at these numbers I’d say it is a pretty accurate term.  I’m feeling optimistic about the next five weeks of “productivity”.  Look forward to it!

Update:  I made more doll sandals that are even better than these, plus I made a tutorial for them! Check it out!

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