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Sunday, August 9, 2015

5 a Week: Lace Wrist Cuffs

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for week 6 of…

…The Five a Week Pledge.
If you haven’t been around here, it’s where you pledge to do five things each week of your choice (see the first week for more info).  I pledged to make five small crafts each week.  Feel free to grab a button and join me.  If you already have, post a comment or a link to share what you accomplished.
This week’s craft:

5 Pairs of Lace Wrist Cuffs

Wrist Cuffs.

Such a pretty accessory, easy too.  All you have to do is cut strips of different laces, layer them together as you like, gather them some how with elastic, then sew the ends together like a bracelet.  Then you can add ribbon, beads, and/or charms to decorate.

White Lace Wrist Cuff with Pink Ribbon Bow

For the first pair of cuffs I used two different white eyelet laces and I embellished them with cute bows made from pink grosgrain ribbon.  I actually got the ribbon from Bookman’s.  I’m not sure if they will match anything in my wardrobe though.  I mean I do have a lot of pink stuff, but not necessary this shade of pink.  Of course that could be a good excuse to make some more pink clothing.

White Lace Wrist Cuff with Ribbon Bow

The second pair of cuffs uses the same lace but with thin white satin ribbon bows instead of the pink.  Makes them more versatile.  I can wear them with everything, at least with everything that you can wear eyelet lace with without looking odd.

White Lace Wrist Cuff with Ribbon Bow

The third pair is just like the second pair of cuffs except I stitched the elastic directly to the cuffs instead of threading it through a channel.  It makes it look pretty good worn but kind of wonky when you put it down.  That why it looks strange in the first picture.

Cream Colored Lace Wrist Cuff

The last two pairs were both made with a creamy off-white eyelet lace and a matching colored polyester lace and elastic sewn directly to the lace.  I had originally intended to layer the laces in a way to cover most of the polyester lace since it looks really cheap.  That idea went out the window, but it’s for the best.  Sometimes the best way to disguise something is to leave it out in plain sight.  I really like the way this came out, even if it does remind me of a garter.

Cream Colored Wrist Cuff with Brown Ribbon Bow

The only difference between these two pairs of cuffs is this one uses brown ribbon for the bows.  I love this ribbon, it reminds me of chocolate.  In face I frequently use it to wrap chocolate gifts.  I think it looks great with the cream color of the laces.  Makes me want to make more accessories using the two together.  Maybe that will be good for next week.  Look forward to it!


  1. Super cute. Would love a more detailed instruction on how you made them. I am not the most coordinated and that seems challenging!

  2. SWEET!! Pinning to jewelry. Love them so much. Hope your summer is happy. Linda @Crafts a la mode


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