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Sunday, August 16, 2015

5 a Week: Chocolate and Cream

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for week 7 of…

…The Five a Week Pledge.
If you haven’t been around here, it’s where you pledge to do five things each week of your choice (see the first week for more info).  I pledged to make five small crafts each week.  Feel free to grab a button and join me.  If you already have, post a comment or a link to share what you accomplished.
This week’s craft:

Cream lace and chocolate ribbon accessories

Chocolate and Cream.

That is, accessories made with more chocolate brown ribbon and creamy off-white lace.  I got the idea from some of the lace cuffs from last week’s craft.  From the left is a pair of choker necklaces, then a headband on top, a hair clip below it, and a small broach.

The chokers were made by cutting a length of the lace about long enough to wrap around my neck plus a little extra for hemming and breathing room, super important.  I cut a second piece of lace and sewed the two together along their top edges.  The chocolate ribbon covers this seam.  All I had to do then was hem the ends, add some snaps and make and attach a bow.  Then repeat all to make a second one.

For the headband, I did the same thing with the lace as the chokers.  It’s actually two layers of lace pieces sewn together with two rows of stitches down the center.  This created a channel that I could slide a plain metal headband through.  Then I added the ribbon.  I also wrapped ribbon around the ends of the head band to hide the raw edges of lace and to make it cuter and more comfortable.  A couple more bows and it was done.

The hair clip and the broach was made pretty much just like the lace applique broaches I made several weeks ago.  Here’s the tutorial if you missed it.  Again all it took to finish them was a few chocolate ribbon bows.

On another note, I’m going on a short hiatus from blogging here.  Just for the week, I’ll be back in time for the blog hop this Saturday.  I just wanted to mention it so no one thinks I’ve “gone quiet” again.  It’s just for the week and not several months.  I’ll be working on a few projects, including ones for this blog.  Look forward to it.

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