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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pants Recon Challenge Round 2

Pants Recon Challenge

For round 2 of The Great Pants Recon Challenge, I decided to concentrate on sewing supplies seeing as that’s what I used the last project to store.  What better to go with a pink drawstring bag than a matching pink…

Pretty Pincushion from Pants


First I cut three circles from one leg of the pants.  I took two of the circles and with right sides together sewed all around leaving a space open.  After turning inside out and stuffing, I had my pincushion base.  Time for the third circle.  I made that into a fabric yo-yo and stitched it to the top to decorate.  There was still some of the pants drawstring leftover so I cut a piece to make a little bow.  Perfect thing to finish off my new pink pincushion.

Now up to two finished projects with one pair of pants.

Remaining Pants 2

And here’s what’s left of the pants.

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