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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Basic Black

So yesterday I went to Phoenix Comicon with some good friends.  Yay!  First time ever too, so I decided to make something special to wear to commemorate the occasion.  It had been forever since the last time I altered a t-shirt.  It took me a couple of days to complete mainly because I did it entirely by hand.  Yep, still no access to a sewing machine. :(
Black t-shirt before
So here’s the before…
Altered black t-shirt
…and after.
Both of the photos were sadly taken by my webcam since my camera is currently out of action.  Anyway, I used a black t-shirt I’ve had for a while.  I was getting a little bored with it.  I first chopped off several inches from the bottom and cut off the collar.  I cut the bottom hem and used it to make a ruffle for the neckline.  It was perfect for this since it already had a finished edge.  Some elastic, straps or neckties, and the original collar was all that I needed to finish up the neckline.  And to finish the shirt, I just had to re-hem the bottom and used a scallop stitch on the hems of the sleeves.  I learned the stitch from a vintage sewing book, it’s really easy and super pretty.  Someday I should explain how to do it. 

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