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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Ballad of Beanie the Pincushion, a poem

housekeeping vintage image graphicsfairy6Beanie was a pincushion, but that’s not how it starts.

He began his life made up of lots of little parts.

First there was a piece of cloth, just a little scrap.

It came from a ragged blanket that would barely cover your lap.

Another scrap was salvaged from a well worn pair of jeans.

They belonged to cousin Phil until he bent over and burst a seam.

The next was from Aunt Marianne, a bit of her finest dress.

She wore it to a barbeque that ended in quite a mess.

Then Grandma’s scarf, Herman’s tie, and Gramps’ old grey vest,

And Jimmy’s shirt, with Suzy’s sock, created quite a little scrap nest.

This bundle was gathered carefully by our dear old Auntie Jane.

She pinned them together bit by bit, no two being quite the same.

She stitched them lovingly together, stuffed it nice and round,

and finished with her finest ribbon, the nicest one in town.

Behold a brand new pincushion ready to do it’s job.

Made with scraps of life, and a little bit of love.

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