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Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthdays and Angels

First off, today is my birthday! :)  I’m one year closer to 30. :(  I still get mistaken for a junior high school student. :0

Pretty White Lace Dress and a pair of Angel Wings

Anyway, I finally finished my new dress.  It was one of those sometime pieces.  “Sometime I’d like to make a white dress.”  I finally did it.

I used some white fabric I got at Goodwill for $1 and three different kinds of lace.  The skirt is tiered, something I have never done and may not try again for a while.  The straps are shirred to make them cute and user-friendly, at least that was the intention.  The elastic helps make them adjustable without being obvious, but I think I made the elastic too loose.  The dress keeps slowly sliding downward when I wear it, I just have to adjust it every 20-30 minutes, could be worse.

You might be wondering why there are a pair of wings in the picture.  That’s the best part.  When paired with the wings, this dress makes a perfect angel costume.  Now I have an adorable costume as well as a pretty dress I can wear the rest of the year.

Braided Ribbon Head Band

Next up, a simple gift.  I already mentioned it was my birthday today.  And I may have mentioned a few times before that I have a twin sister.  And it never fails, every year when our birthday comes around I can not seem to figure out what to give her. 

This year is a repeater.  I recall giving her a stretchy headband I made a two years ago (see Done Already?), she obviously loved it since she wears it almost on a daily basis.  So why not make her another one to give her more options? 

For this head band I made a braid with wide ribbon that was long enough to cover the head band.  I glued it on and then glued a single strip of ribbon to the underside.  To finish, I wrapped the tips with more ribbon to hide the raw edges and make them look pretty.  Now I have a classic and pretty head band to give.

Here’s the updated list:
  • Pins
  • Altered top
  • Rose headband
  • Doll
  • Bracelets
  • White dress
  • Gift
Six down, just one more to go.  And I only have two more days to finish.


  1. Happy birthday! You've made a beautiful, tiered dress and for a bargain price, too. It's great that you can wear it as a costume, but also as a dress, so it will be worn more often.

    1. Thanks, I just wish the photo was better. It's breath-taking in person.


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