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Monday, October 15, 2012

Of Black Tees and Roses

This past week I’ve had two major tests, two major assignments due, plus a quiz, but I still found the time to make three of my projects.  Word of warning, I am still stuck using my webcam instead of a decent camera.:(
I acquired this rather large t-shirt for free along with a large pile of other castaways.  As many of you know, I just adore taking these old tees and making them cute and wearable.  So here’s the before…
…and after.  Ugh, that webcam, you can barely tell how much cuter it is now.  First I chopped off the sleeves and cut the shirt down the size before sewing new seams.  I cut down the sleeves a little before adding lace and some elastic.  Most of the time with these t-shirts I just sew the elastic straight on the fabric, but for this one I used the hem as a casing and threaded the elastic through.  It takes a little more time, but it makes the shirt more comfortable to wear.  I re-attached the sleeves, redid the neckline with some lace, then finished up by attaching two tiny black bows along the neckline.  Now it’s a comfy and pretty t-shirt that actually fits me.  Yay!
Next, I saw these black roses at SAS over a year ago.  At the time I didn’t buy them, but they were on my mind.  A few months later I thought of an idea for a headband using them, but when I went to the store they were all out of them.  Fast forward to now.  I spotted them on my last trip to SAS and immediately grabbed a couple.  After a bit of maneuvering with the wire and some black ribbon (and a couple glue gun burns), I fashioned this lovely headband as modeled by my niece.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, it is beautiful.  So much so that I am thinking of buying more roses to stock my shoppe with some lovely hair accessories.  Good idea?
I found this tutorial for glass head sewing pins and thought it was a fantastic idea since I have tons of plain straight pins lying around and I tend to avoid using them because it’s so easy for them to fall out or get lost.  A few minutes of fiddling with glue and beads, and now I have a handful of custom pearl head pins.  I used faux pearls because I still have tons of them to use up, plus they look so pretty.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Pins
  • Altered top
  • Rose headband
  • Doll
  • Bracelets
  • White dress
  • Gift
Three down, four more to go.  And only a little over two weeks to finish.

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