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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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I mentioned before that I was inspired by a certain craft book to make Christmas-y stuff.  One of things I got from it was the idea to make ornaments out of pom-poms, though mine are a little different from the book.

Some cute snowball ornaments made from scraps of yarn, glitter and a comb.  Perfect for the Christmas tree.
So using some leftover white-ish yarn, glittery paint and a comb, I made these “snowball” ornaments.  Finished with gold cord and they are ready to hang.

Crocheted ribbon Christmas wreaths.  Used for jewelry, hair accessories or decorations.
And one of the things that first come to my mind when decorating for the holidays is a simple wreath.  Of course, who says they have to go on the door.  I made these by crocheting green ribbon and then threading in red or pink ribbon.

Crocheted ribbon Christmas wreaths.  These were used for hair clips and pins, but they would be cute for decorations.
I then glued on metal findings.  The top two are hair clips and the bottom one is a pin.  I had a lot fun making them even though it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing I have ever done. 

For some reason all my crochet hooks have disappeared on me.  I improvised by bending a paper clip into a hook shape, something I sort of learned in high school.  It works okay, but it is definitely not as smooth to work with as an actual hook.  At least it got the job done.

Here’s the updated list:

Seven down, just three more to go.  Not bad, I should have the rest done before the end of next week.


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