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Friday, June 29, 2012

Stockings Hung

DSCI2061 (800x513)Here’s the last Christmas project for the summer as well as the last project on my list.  Three simple yet sweet stockings.  I have always loved the shape of Christmas stockings, especially around the heel.  It is always so much fun to sew around the curve.  Anyway, I used some fabric scraps to make them.  I didn’t use holiday prints because I didn’t have any on hand plus they can easily be over done.  Kind of like holiday sweaters.  When one person wears one they can look nice and holly jolly, but when a whole room is stuff full of them it can be overwhelming.  And when one person wears a holiday sweater complete with matching holiday theme earrings, bracelet, vest, socks, headwear, etc. it looks even worse.  I guess I’m not really one to talk considering which dress I wore Christmas day last year (see Holly Jolly Christmas) and the matching hair accessories that went with it (see Catching Up Again).  Oh well. 
Here’s the updated list:
  • Notebooks
  • Little skirt
  • Red dress
  • Red purse
  • wallets
  • Tiny wreaths
  • Stockings
  • Ornaments
  • Trees
  • Doll makeover
Ten down and out.  I actually almost have the next list ready to post.  There are a few projects I have been dying to try.

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