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Monday, June 18, 2012

Flowers and Bills

Remember that cute wallet I made like an eternity ago (see Decorating and Launching).  It lasted a good long time, but it’s gone kaput.  I needed a new one badly, so I whipped up these babies.  I used two different patterned fabrics for each one except for the pink one on the upper right.  They each have a bill fold pocket (is that what it’s called?) and four extra pockets, two on the outside and two on the inside.  The pink one I made specifically for myself so it has a little bonus.  One of the pockets has a zipper in order to hold change.  I actually did it as an experiment.  Let’s just say there is a reason I didn’t add zippers to the other wallets.  Anyway, I now have a fresh wallet and three extra.  I think I probably will put the extra ones in my shoppe.  I’ve really been neglecting it lately.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Notebooks
  • Little skirt
  • Red dress
  • Red purse
  • wallets
  • Tiny wreaths
  • Stockings
  • Ornaments
  • Trees
  • Doll makeover
Five down, five more to go.  The next two should be up by Wednesday, hopefully not at like 11 pm.  Wouldn’t be the first time.

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