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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flowers for Your Hair, Flower Head Band Tutorial

I said I might have something special for this next project and I do.  A tutorial.  That’s right, my first tutorial.  Can you believe I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and I have yet to do a tutorial?

Flowers for Your Hair, Flower Head Band Tutorial
This is for a floral headband for spring.  All that’s needed is:
  • A headband, I got this one at Dollar Tree but these headbands would be great.
  • A spool of ribbon.
  • Small bunches of fake roses, the ones with the wire stems.  I got these at SAS for 50 cents each.
  • A glue gun (this is the one I have) or a really good fabric glue.

First you need to pull apart the flowers.  They don’t need to be in bouquets for this.

Flowers for Your Hair, Flower Head Band TutorialStart attaching each flower by holding it on top of the headband and carefully wrapping the wire stem to keep the flower in place.

Flowers for Your Hair, Flower Head Band TutorialKeep on adding more flowers to cover the entire headband except for about an inch on both ends.  That part goes behind your ears and would be unbearably uncomfortable if there were flowers there. 

Flowers for Your Hair, Flower Head Band TutorialNow it’s time for the glue.  Dab a little glue to secure the flowers then glue some ribbon along the underside of the headband.  This makes it prettier and easier to wear.

Flowers for Your Hair, Flower Head Band TutorialTo finish it, just wrap the ends of the headband with more ribbon, gluing as you go.  Of course you also need to stop to admire your handy-work.  I think mine came out really pretty, and I had extra flowers leftover.

Flowers for Your Hair, Flower Head Band TutorialSo I used them for this.  This was a straw purse I had gotten at Dollar Tree years ago.  It had an ugly lining, worse straps, and a ribbon bow that didn’t match.  I replaced the lining with white cotton fabric, added new ribbon straps, and decorated with some lace and the leftover roses. 

Now it’s my new favorite bag.  And it inspired my mother, she wants to make some for her granddaughters.  Maybe some headbands too.

Here’s the updated list:

Seven down, four to go.  More Easter stuff on the way.

Update: Since making this post I have successfully created several cute tutorials.  Feel free to browse through them.


  1. That is really cute. I like the remake on the purse too. :)

  2. I love the idea. I'll make one like that for my daughter. I'm sure she'll love having those flowers on her head.


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