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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Camera! Whoo Hoo!

Yesterday I bought a new camera.  I was just having too many problems with my old one, and my mom’s good one seems to have “disappeared”.  So here’s my new toy.


I took these photos with my webcam, the irony.  It’s a Polaroid camera with 12.0 MP, 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom, image stabilization, face tracking, and 32Mb storage.  It does record videos with sound too.


The best part is that it’s pink.  I’ve always had a thing for pink cameras, and I was so lucky they had one left.  Did I mention I paid less than $60 for it?  I got it at Big Lots so of course the price was a steal.  And it works beautifully too.  Here’s some examples I took today, mind you I am a complete beginner with photography.


This last one I am particularly proud of because I have never taken a decent picture of flowers when they are this close.  It usually comes out super blurry.  Of course this means I have no excuse for posting blurry pictures anymore.  And maybe I’ll do things that require more photos in the future.  Any excuse to play with my camera some more.

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