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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Little Bit Country

So I finished the dress from the list, and of course yesterday I wore it to church.  I think people are starting to expect me to show up in dresses that make me look like “Little Bo Peep”. 
Purple Floral Print Dress with White Eyelet Lace

This one I thought had a sort of country flair to it, maybe that explains why someone called me Dorothy again.  Guess I shouldn’t have paired with that woven straw purse.  I use a floral print I got at Goodwill, it was only a dollar, so cool.  The print seems a little busy to me, at least from a distance.  To balance that, I kept the embellishments simple with tiny bows and eyelet lace on the hems and such.
Purple Floral Print Dress with White Eyelet Lace
I added some shirring on the back for ease, I think I am getting better at doing it.  In fact, I think I have greatly improved in dressmaking since my first one.  I finished this one super quick, maybe it is about time to make more elaborate dresses.  The problem is that if I made a more elaborate (i.e. Frilly) dress, would I still wear it? 
Here’s the updated list:
  • Skirt
  • Lamp shade cover
  • Sewing machine cover
  • doll makeover
  • dress
  • scrunchies
  • head bands
  • costume
  • bag
  • vest recon
Five down, five to go.  The next one should be up in the next couple of days.  It’s going to be really fun.


  1. I love that you got called Dorothy. I'd take it as a compliment, personally.

  2. Yeah, I do think it was meant as a compliment both times, considering who it was who said it. I'm not entirely sure about the "Bo Peep" comments though.


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