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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thinking Back

1a-boatkids-graphicsfairy002c I posted this on one of the forum sites, but I didn’t get any response, how surprising.  Anyway, does anyone have any great stories of their earliest crafting experiences?  Here's mine.

When I was about 7, my mother got the idea to have me and my sisters start making quilts with our old clothes. The idea was to keep on adding to them as we grew up, then we would have a quilt full of childhood memories.  I didn't get very far on it at the time, but it was the first time I held a real sewing needle and I was proud of that. The quilt got put away, and many years and projects later, I found it in the closet and started working on it.  So sometime after I turned 21, I finally finished that quilt.  Sadly, I learned by comparing the older stitches to the more recent ones that my hand sewing skills haven't improved that much over the years. :(

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