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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Side Project

1adovefabgfairy003d A couple days ago, I embarked on a special “mission” of sorts.  Of several forum sites I frequent, two have seen better days.  I have mentioned this about Get Crafty but Daily Crafter needs help too.  They both would be wonderful sites if more people posted on them.  And I don’t mean spammers!  Daily Crafter has been hit hard with those.  I have decided to make sure to post to each of them at least once a day, mostly replies to a few older messages.  In fact, my first tactic for this is to post replies to old posts that have yet to receive a reply.  Several of the posts are from people asking for help for something or for feedback and they deserve a response, even if it takes two years for that response.  Yep, some are that old.  With any luck, more people will eventually show up to help with my “cause”.  Hint, hint.


  1. i'll go check them out. i do like forums & if there is at least one person posting daily that's a start.

  2. Exactly, although it is hard to do alone. I have trouble thinking of topics to post and answers to other people's questions. Someone was asking about glues to make handmade envelopes for the part you seal the letter with, no clue.

  3. I never did understand what happened at Get Crafty. That place turned into a ghost town like overnight. What I really don't understand is that the moderators and owners of these sites don't seem to be trying to keep things going.

    I applaud your efforts but I'm not sure you're not just prolonging the inevitable.

  4. Well you could be right about that. Sometimes I think it'd be easier to start my own craft forum from scratch than reviving an old one. I would probably get more of a response.


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