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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blogging: What’s the Point?

Blogging: What's the Point?Warning:  Much ranting ahead.

I’ve seen articles posted on various blogs with tips on how to do this and that with your blog to make it better.  Adding/using widgets, customizing the appearance, tracking stats, monetizing, etc.  And don’t forget about promoting your blog using Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Buffer, YouTube, [insert latest social media here].  Annoyingly many of these articles seem to claim that when it comes to blog hosting, Wordpress is the only way to go.  Eye roll.  To quote one blog “if you aren’t already using Wordpress, you need to be”.  This part I always groan at because to me it matters less where you host your blog and more how you use it. 

This can be explained in two parts.  First, in the available features of the site you choose.  I’ve heard much praise on the features available to wordpress users and how well they can fully customize their blogs.  These are only great if you actually use them.  Example, I’ve seen blogs that look wonderful, super well designed.  Guess what?  They’re on blogger.  On the other hand I’ve seen blogs with colors and layouts that scream “default”.  Blogger again?  Nope, Wordpress.  Either site works well as long as you choose what works for you and put in the effort to make your blog the way you want. 

Now the second part gets us closer to my main point, using your blog.  I recently visited another wonderful looking blog.  Everything about it was perfect except for one thing, it was dead silent.  There might as well have been cobwebs hanging around from the lack of activity from the blog owner, not that I really should talk much about inactivity.  Of course I usually avoid going 2+ years without updating.  Meanwhile I know of another blog with a comparatively basic look to it, not to mention a color scheme that I personally wouldn’t go for in a million years.  It is alive with activity from both the author and her readers.  Plenty of posts as well as comments.

Yes, we have finally gotten to my point.  The point?  Blogging isn’t about pretty banners and backgrounds or having a “professional” looking site.  It’s isn’t about following others via every social media site under the sun hoping some of them will follow back.  It’s about sharing yourself with others.  What did you do this week that made you happy?  Share it.  What did you make yourself that you’re proud of?  Share it.  What do you like to do that you think others might like too?  Share it.  What can you teach others to do right now?  What has been on you mind that is just screaming to get out?  What do you want to say that will take more than a photo or 50 characters? Share it!  Share it with others and let them share back

This is why I continue to blog, even to come back to my blog after much time away.  So I can Share.  Look forward to more sharing.


  1. This is a great reminder, and great attitude! I really appreciate it, I've been feeling insecure lately with all the rigamarole that seems to be automatically wrapped up in blogging these days. Boo rigamarole! Yay authentic people sharing themselves and connecting with others!

    Thanks for helping me find my perspective again! I think I will bookmark this post so I can come back and read it whenever I feel insecure. :P

  2. You're welcome, and thanks for reading despite my ranting.

  3. This is GREAT! I *like* sharing my life with other people. If I help or influence or inspire only 1 person during my entire blogging "career" then I will have succeeded! As much as I would love to have a "professional" blog I've got so much on my plate right now that I'm lucky if I post weekly, let alone keep up with facebook and twitter and google+, and God know what else is out there!

    1. If you post something you love each time, than once a week is frequent enough I say.

  4. I'm so glad I finally read your blog, Anna! You are so creative and intelligent and I'm glad to have you as a good friend. I need to update my own website as well with new pics and videos of my students- lately it's been easier to just post to Facebook.


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