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Sunday, June 27, 2010

It’s About Time

I finally finished my list, multiple weeks after I had planned to do so.  Late or not, it’s done and I am so relieved.  So let’s get to it.

I had this shirt dumped on me by my sister who didn’t want it anymore.  It was a cute top, but it had these odd stains on the sleeves and the front that made it un-wearable.  Just needed a little crafty magic.

photos 793

Here’s the before, sorry about the photo quality.


photos 801

…Here’s the after, again sorry about the photo quality.  To fix the sleeves I just cut them off, sometimes the quickest method is best.  I cut them along the seam and edge of the neckline, gives it a nice shape.  I stitched along the side seams to make it more fitted.  Then I used one of the sleeves to make simple little flowers to hide to spots on the front.  Now I have a sweet new tank top to grace the Summer sun.

Next up is this old large size polo shirt I salvaged a while back.  I took one look at it and thought that it would make a great little dress.

photos 794

So here’s the before…


photos 798

…And the after.  Simple enough, I took it in on the sides because it was huge on me, and then added a large ruffle at the bottom for fun and for a little more modesty.  Without it the dress was ultra micro-mini, enough said.  Funny enough, for the ruffle I cut off the bottom of another large polo shirt.  It was actually my sister’s old work shirt from working at Circle K.  It seems she provided materials for both of these projects without even knowing it.  Aren’t sisters wonderful?

Here’s the finished list:

  • Tube top
  • Doll costume
  • Card holder
  • Green dress
  • Top recon
  • Polo dress

Six down and out.  Hopefully the next list won’t have as many delays.  Keeping fingers crossed.

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