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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carting Cards

Today was the first day of my externship at a veterinary clinic, and what an exciting day it was.  I helped out with two dogs that needed their anal glands expressed (not too pleasant), I observed two dogs having their teeth cleaned (and some removed),  and watched a surgery on a puppy.   Could have been worse for the first day.  Oh yeah, I also saw a dog get euthanized, see there is always something worse.
Enough about that, a while back I went to a picnic for work and came back with a bag of goodies.  One of which was a business card holder which I thought would be useful.  I tend to collect business cards a lot when I go to craft fairs and such, so it is great to have a place to store and organize them.  Except that it looks totally lame, but that’s too easy to fix.
photos 765
So here’s the before, that dark and gloomy appearance isn’t just because of bad lighting by the way.
photos 783
And here’s the after, it’s now bright, cheerful, and so pretty.  Having the same problem with photos as yesterday, so sorry for the blurriness.  I used some white scraps to make a removable cover for the card holder, then covered it with strips of this cute wide trim I got from Goodwill (see More Goodwill Friends for a better look).  A single bow on the front completes the look, it also makes it easier to tell which is the front end.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Tube top
  • Doll costume
  • Card holder
  • Green dress
  • Top recon
  • Polo dress
Three down, three to go.  The next one won’t be up for a week, so please be patient.


  1. Hehe, I love that you have a shopping list that you are slowly working through on your blog - so fun!

  2. Slowly is right, I'm about a week later on it than I had planned, but I will definitely get it all done.


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