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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


photos 069_638x552As I was leaving this morning, I spotted a small furry face by the dumpster.  It was a kitten, the cutest little black cat you’ve ever seen, not including my cat Midnight of course.  I haven’t managed to get a picture, but she does bare a striking resemblance to Midnight, this is a picture of Midnight.  Too bad she doesn’t like the kitten.  She hisses at her whenever she gets close, I hear it’s a natural reaction for cats.  I’ve always found it odd, you see Midnight use to live with a family that had a ton of cats.  And for a cat that came from a multi-cat household, she doesn’t seem to be too good with other cats.  Anyway way, the kitten is so cute, but she was really scared when I found her.  It took a while to get her inside and I ended up being late at the clinic.  She is eating okay and seems to like me very much right now, too bad I can’t keep her.  Wish I could so badly.  I will have to take her to a shelter sometime tomorrow, I’m still trying to decide which one.  For now she’s in good hands.


  1. Awww kitties <3 Lucky for her that you found her, even if you can't keep her.

  2. Awww, why can't you keep her? Maybe if no one claims her, then you can?

  3. I can't keep her if Midnight is going to hiss and grow at her everytime she sees her. Plus we can't have anymore pets at the moment. I took her to a no-kill shelter today where she will be happy, they have already placed her in foster care. There's a link to the shelter's website in my latest post.


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