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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Something about Zippers

Anyone know what to do with a broken zipper?  I just found something.  Ucreate just posted a guest tutorial on making these cute, vintage looking little rosettes with old zippers.  You can put them anywhere, but especially on head bands, pins, and bags.  What’s great is how simple they are to make, not to mention how simple it is to gather the materials.  You can salvage zippers from old clothing that wouldn’t have a use otherwise, like totally destroyed jeans.  I’m thinking of making more bracelets with them, that is as soon as I finish my current project list, I am so behind on it. :(


  1. Wow, that is very cool! I know how you feel - I'm always adding new things that I want to do to my list, which is only getting longer!

  2. Awesome idea! Zippers are great for decorating clothes, too - they were used a lot on designs in Project Runway last season. ;D


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