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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whining Time: Peace and Quiet?

Whining Time: Peace and Quiet?
Ever gone to a library and found it would be quieter if you worked outside, if not you are so very lucky.  If so, I feel your pain.

It’s strange because I remember, when I was little being taught that you must speak softly in the library and to be very quiet so not to disturb others who are reading and working.  It seems that either I’m the only one who was taught this, or I’m the only one who remembers. 

I always see people at my local library chatting away or talking on their phones which is worst.  The other day I over-heard a man on his phone talking from all the way across the room.  The ironic thing is he was mostly telling his friend that he “couldn’t talk now because he was at the “library”.

The worst case happened some time ago.  I was trying to do some work on the second floor, and apparently there was some sort of lecture or conference going on in one of the rooms.  No problem there, I guess the walls are sound proof or something.  But when it let out, the place started to rumble like an earthquake coming.  About 2 or 3 dozen people came out to wait to take the elevator, all talking in unison.  It sounded like a concert had ended.
In a word, I felt pissed.  I thought of telling them all to shush because it is a “library”, but considering the mood I was in,  I didn’t think it would have been wise to open my mouth.  Who knows what would have come out.  I’m surprised none of the librarians or staff said anything about it.  They’re all probably too used to the volume level to really notice anymore.  I feel kind of bad for them.  At least I can leave if it bothers me too much.


  1. I don't know what it is, but it just seems that people today just are so disrespectful of others around them. I hate going to a movie and having people behind me talk and chat or use their cell phones all through the show. But, yes, the library was always a place of quiet sanctuary and people used to respect that...of course it certainly doesn't help if the librarians aren't enforcing their "Shush Laws". :)

    BTW I found your blog when I was browsing through the etsy forums, it was in a thread about blogs, since I have my own blog I can't resist visiting new and different blogs. You have a great blog and I am now a new follower.

  2. LOL!!! Our library finally put the kabosh on cell phones. They will actually take it away if you answer it or make a call....but people talk all the time now no matter where they are. Been to the movies lately??? people talk all the way through!

  3. Thanks Almost Precious, I'll check out your blog.
    Mary, you're lucky it's actually enforced. I don't go to the movies anymore, watching at home is nicer. The snacks are better too.


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