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Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Maid Costume? or An Anime Cosplay Fix

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This next craft project is part of the preparations for a special event,  Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly known as Phoenix Comicon).

It’s next week and it’s fun to wear something special for conventions, cosplay or otherwise.

The old costume before the makeover.  It was bought from Bodyline in a lucky pack.  It is supposed to be a maid cafe outfit from the anime series Love Live.

That brings us to the costume.  This costume came from another lucky pack.  It’s sold here at Bodyline and it is supposed to be a maid café uniform from the anime series, Love Live

It is kind of both a lucky and in-lucky piece, here’s why.

A close up of the collar (which is too small to fit over the head even when unbottoned) and the golden necktie.  The gold is too much for my tastes.

Underneath the gold necktie (which is a little too gaudy for my tastes) is only two buttons.  You should be able to unbutton the collar and pull it over your head, but even when unbuttoned it is too small to fit over most heads.  That includes mine.

A close up of the matching maid headband that includes a rather large black and gold bow angled on the headband.  It will have to go.

And beyond that issue, there is the matching headband with the large gold bow, also not quite my taste.

The odd pair of gloves that came with the costume.  They are intentionally made to fit only about half way donw your hand.  It looks okay on the animated show, but not in real life.

And this odd pair of gloves.  They are intentionally designed to fit only part of the way on your hands.  It probably looks cute on an animated character, but not so much in real life.

Anyway, you’ve seen the before…

The made costume after the makeover.  The collar is gone with a pretty new lace and pink ribbon trimmed neckline.  The headband is now trimmed with ribbon and lace with a matching ribbon bow.  There is lace and pink ribbon along the skirt and more ribbon on the apron.  And no more odd gloves!

…And here’s the after.

It looks so much better, mainly because now I can actually put it on.

Here’s how I did it.

A close up of the collar before the makeover to demonstrate what was done to improve the maid costume.

First, obviously that collar had to go, because the convention is a family event.  Top-less maids are not appropriate.

The collar was cut off along with the sleeves, and an inch of fabric was cut of the shoulders to adjust the fit.

After cutting of the entire collar part, I also temporarily removed the sleeves.  I found that the top was a little big on me at the shoulders, so I needed to take off about an inch.

A close up of the new neckline of the costume.  After resewing the shoulders and sleeves, the new neckine one sewn with added lace.  Pink ribbon was added along the edge along with two tiny pink bows at the corners of the rather square shaped neckline.  Two straps of ribbon were also added.  These are to be criss-crossed and tied around the neck when worn for a pretty touch.

After re-sewing the shoulders and sleeves, I added lace to the new square-ish neckline.  Then I added pink grosgrain ribbon along the edge with little matching bows. 

I added ribbon neck straps too, these look so cute when tied around the neck.

A close up of the sleeve.  Pink ribbon was added along the cuff of the puffed sleeve.  It looks so cute.

I also added some ribbon on the cuffs of the sleeves.  Everything matches!  :)

A close up of the skirt hem during the makeover process.  It had gold ribbon along the edge, but this was removed to reveal a raw edge.

Now for the skirt.  Obviously, with all the pink used on the top the gold trim on the skirt had to go, so I carefully removed it with a seam ripper.

This revealed the odd way they hemmed to skirt.  They folded the fabric on the right side and used the ribbon to cover the raw edge.  I’m not sure what to think about this.

After the makeover, the skirt is finished with the same lace and ribbon as the new neckline.

Anyway,  I just went with the flow and covered that raw edge with my pink ribbon and added lace along the edge of the skirt.  Now the skirt matches too!

The maid style headband with the old large bow.  The bow was carefully removed with a seam ripper, but it looks too plain without it.

Now on to the headband.  Obviously the first thing to do was remove the bow using my seam ripper again.  But that left it a little too plain.

The maid headband after a makeover.  Two rows of lace were added with a line of pink ribon running down between them.  The headband is finished with pink ribbon bow which is cute but a little more subtle than the old bow.

I just added two rows of lace across the headband with a row of pink ribbon in between.  All that was left was to add a pink bow.  Much better.

A close up of the apron.  Pink ribbon was added along the apron ruffle to tie it in with the rest of the newly made-over costume.

And the final change was to add some pink ribbon to the apron to help tie it in with the rest of the outfit.  I thought about adding some small bows too, but for now I’m okay with this.

Here’s the updated list:

Seven down, three more to go.  The next one may go up later than expected thanks to the convention and certain other blogging issues.  But it will be really cute, so look forward to that!

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  1. Cute. I love how the headband turned out.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.


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