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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pink Lace for…A Doll?

At long last, the last project on my craft list.  And it’s more doll clothes, plus more of that pink lace fabric.

Cute pink lace dress set for a ball jointed doll.

As you can see, I used the fabric leftover from my Easter dress (see Pink Lace for Easter) to make a doll size version along with accessories.  An underskirt to give the dress a boost, a matching purse and head band, and a necklace.

Cute pink lace dress set for a ball jointed doll.

And it looks adorable on her.  I’ve had this ball jointed doll for two years, so I wanted to make her a special new outfit (check out the doll blog to see her reaction).

I used the same technique for the bodice as for my doll dress tutorial (see Doll Dresses for All, With a Tutorial), and instead of a row of ribbon roses along the neck I made three little roses.  One at each of the straps on top of a ribbon bow and a larger rose on the ribbon sash.

Cute pink lace dress set for a ball jointed doll.

On my dress I used a nice wide ribbon for the sash, but for this one the narrower ribbon I had left worked just fine.

Cute pink rose head band for a doll.

I made the matching headband using jewelry wire just like in my doll headband tutorial (see Doll Head Bands with a Tutorial).

Pink lace purse for a doll.

The same with the little purse, it’s similar as the simple purse in my doll bag tutorial (see 5 a Week: Cute Felt Bags for Dolls with a Tutorial) only with fabric instead of felt.  I glued on the some faux pearl beads to make the look of a clasp.  It really uses Velcro to close.

Cameo necklace for a doll.

The cameo necklace actually came from my mom.  It was perfect for dolls because of the small size of the cameo and the thinness of the chain, I just needed to shorten it.

Cute pink lace dress set for a ball jointed doll.

The underskirt was made as a separate piece so dress can be worn with or without it for different looks.  It can also be used as an actual skirt with another top.  Three separate looks from a couple of pieces.  Man, this is one well dressed doll.

Here’s the updated list:

Five down and out, finally!


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