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Sunday, July 24, 2016

5 a Week: Tiny Doll Dresses

It’s Sunday, and time for week 7 of this year’s edition of…
5 a Week: Tiny Doll Dresses
…The Five a Week Pledge.
If you haven’t been around here, it’s where you pledge to do five things each week of your choice (see here for more info).  I pledged to make five small crafts each week.  Feel free to grab a button and join me.  If you already have, post a comment or a link to share what you accomplished.
This week’s craft:

Doll Dresses!

5 a Week: Tiny Doll Dresses

I made five cute spring dresses for my dolls using fabric scraps.  Mostly the same fabric as for the doll skirts (see 5 a Week: Cute Doll Mini-Skirts).  I made them the same way as my dress tutorial (see Doll Dresses for All with a Tutorial) with just a few little differences.

5 a Week: Tiny Doll Dresses

Instead of regular straps, I made them tie at the shoulders.  Looks really cute on a sundress.  Also the first three don’t have darts and are really tiny for one very good reason.

5 a Week: Tiny Doll Dresses:  And a new ball jointed doll!

I got a new ball jointed doll (Here’s her “unboxing”).  Her name is Sakura and she is much smaller than my other two dolls.

5 a Week: Tiny Doll Dresses:  Matching dresses!

Speaking of the other two, I made dresses for them as well.  (Check out the doll blog to see their reaction.)  Now they all have matching off-white dresses.  Now I kind of want one too.

Next week will be the last for this round of the 5 a Week Pledge.  What will I make for it?  You will just have to wait and see.  Look forward to it.

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  1. I bet you made some little girl really happy!! Would love it if you shared on the Pleasures of the NW's DIY party!


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