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Monday, November 19, 2012


I may have mentioned this on twitter, but I finally found my camera.  No more trying to take blurry photos with my webcam.  Yay!  Since I’ve found it I’ve been taking pictures all over town.  Here is a small sampling of what I’ve taken.


First, remember some time ago I took a picture of a tree that had been hit by lightning (see A Little Sharing and a Reminder)?  At the time I wondered if it would live.  Here’s what it looks like now.  See those new green fronds?  It is alive and well.  Yay!


I saw this on the south-east corner of Main and Extension in Mesa.  It’s one of the those electric thingies at intersections, but art work was added to “improve the neighborhood”.  At least that’s what I think it is there for.  In case you can’t tell, the piece is called “Rivercrane” by Zarco Guerrero.  Lovely isn’t it?


This was outside a new BBQ place at the corner of Main and Center.  Does anyone remember the movie Ghost Busters?  Not really, but I remember this guy.  What I don’t know is why the restaurant has him standing outside their door.  Hmm, at least it’s cute.

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