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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Little Late on the Fleece

Oh dear, the month is almost over and I only just now finished any of the projects on my list.  Let’s just say I’ve had a lot on my plate this month.  School, commitments, not to mention a certain personal problem.  Anyway, I manage to get these two done.
DSCI2614 (800x679)
The first thing that comes to my mind when dealing with fleece is bears, like teddy bears.  That’s where these come in.  The top ones I did first, they have little hearts stitched on the front and magnets glued on the back.  I decided that all my fleece projects this month are going to be done completely by hand.  Absolutely no sewing machine.  No I am not crazy, there is a practical reason.  Hand sewing is more portable, perfect for when the only time you can squeeze some sewing in is the few minutes before class.  Plus, blanket stitches look so adorable on fleece.  Anyway, the bottom teddy is a pin.  I was going to make him a magnet too, but my disc magnets seem to have disappeared on me.  He is just a head on purpose because it was easy, plus it looks so cute.
DSCI2639 (800x602)
Speaking of cute heads, I made a bunch more.  There are bunnies and cats in addition to the bears.  I added ribbon and split-rings to them to make key chains.  I will either give them away or stick them in my shoppe.  Hard to decide which or how many.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Hair accessories
  • Tiny teddies
  • Tiny birds
  • Bags
  • Tiny sweaters
  • Tiny hats
  • Yoyo’s
  • Cases
  • Key chains
  • Cuffs
Two down,  eight more to go.  And only a little over a week to do them. Sick smile

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