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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fleecy Ornaments

Okay, I finish more fleece items.  Fleece ornaments to be exact.  What better thing to make with scraps this time of year then tiny cute doodads that can be hung from a tree?  That is probably one of the oddest sentences I have ever typed.
DSCI2644 (800x587)
Anyway, first are these little sweater and hats.  There’s something just so perfect about little bitty sweaters to hang on the tree.  And even better, little “knit” hats to go with them.  The sweaters were made just by cutting two sweater-shaped pieces and using a blanket stitch to sew them together.  The hats are made more like regular hats.  Gathered at the top with a blanket stitched brim.  If they don’t work for the tree they would be great for dolls.
DSCI2664 (800x688)
Next is these little birds.  Birds are another thing that look cute on a tree, and other places too.  The front two are actually pins, I thought they would make a cute gift or something.  They are made in a similar matter to the sweaters except for being stuffed.  The ornaments have appliqued wings which were an afterthought.  Glad I thought of it, they look much more interesting this way.
DSCI2672 (800x602)
This last batch of ornaments is a little more interesting.  Each one is made from two fleece yoyos and two buttons.  I now believe fleece to be the best fabric for making yoyos.  It’s easy to cut the circles, you don’t have to hem them, and no matter how bad you are they come out perfectly cute.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Hair accessories
  • Tiny teddies
  • Tiny birds
  • Bags
  • Tiny sweaters
  • Tiny hats
  • Yoyo’s
  • Cases
  • Key chains
  • Cuffs
Six down, four more to go.  Just two more days too.

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