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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Florals and B-day Surprise

Finished a couple from the list, and working like mad to finished the next one.  Ended up staying up till 2am cutting and sewing, probably shouldn’t do that too often.  Anyway, here’s the finished stuff so far.


I made a case for my cell phone a while ago, but that one was just too bulky.  I needed one that was more streamline and still pretty.  For this one, I used two different scraps of fleece to make sort of a sleeve to slide the phone into easily.  Fairly basic, the floral print on the fleece was lovely, only needed some lace around the the top and along the sides to make it perfect.  For some reason it kind of reminds me of a thimble.  Wouldn’t that be cute?  Lacy floral print thimbles.  Something to think about.


Today happens to be my niece’s birthday, she’s seven today.  Despite her mother’s opinions, my niece really loves all those skirts and dresses I’ve been making, so I thought it would be good to make something for her to match.   I used some leftover fabric from the last dress (see Late on the Hearts and Sunshine) to make this cute skirt.  I also made a matching headband, but it was impossible to get a decent photo of it.  She loved them both so much that she wants to wear them for picture day.  All she needs is a cute top to match the skirt.  Hmmm.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Case
  • Skirt
  • Pink Dress
  • Cat dress
  • Altered t-shirt
  • kit
  • bunka doll

Two down, five to go.  The rest will be easy.

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