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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thrifters Helping Thrifters

1a-boatkids-graphicsfairy002cI just had to share this story.  Today I went to Goodwill for their half off sale.  I only got some stuff to use for moving, nothing special.  Anyway, while looking at some stuff on a cart I overheard a woman talking on her phone.  She was asking about ideas for a wedding shower gift.  Apparently it was today and she needed an inexpensive last minute gift.  At that moment I spotted a beautiful pair of wine glasses that were on sale for $1 each and just screamed wedding to me.  I handed them to her and asked if they’d work then walked away grinning to myself about what a great thing I did.  I overheard her tell the person on the phone how great the glasses were.  What was really cool was when I went to check out and ran into her again, she thanked me for finding the glasses since they were perfect.  Yay!  I helped someone.  That’s one of the great things about thrift stores, most of the shoppers are willing to help out other shoppers.  That’s probably why I didn’t really hesitate to help her, I have been helped by others in the past so it’s returning the favor.  Now if only people did that more in other stores, the world would be a friendlier place.


  1. Hi I saw you on UEF! I agree! Whenever I thrift shop I always make a new acquaintance...we share opinions on the styles etc.

    (Betsy B. violets new Vintage)

  2. So cool right? That sort of thing only seems to happen when shopping secondhand.

  3. Found you on UEF and following! :)

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food

  4. Great to hear. I love your blog, I subscribed to the feed.


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