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I just wanted to warn you that it’s going to be a little quiet here for the next month or so.  I’m taking a little break from updating this ...

Saturday, January 15, 2011


A funny thing happened more than a week ago which should explain my rather long absence.  I had my netbook in my backpack with a rather heavy textbook.  I put the backpack on a low table where it almost immediately fell off.  When I turned on my netbook, the screen was black.  The computer was on and working perfectly, but I couldn’t see a thing, apparently something to do with back lighting.  The really funny thing happened after I replaced it when my new one finally arrived.  I put the old one on my night stand and it fell off that, then my sister turned it on and it worked.  You could actually see everything.  So now I have a newer netbook to work with, my mom has my old one to play around with, my sister has a smug look on her face.  But anyway, I’m back and every has returned to “normal”.

Tip:  An associate at Wal-Mart mentioned that prices on electronics are almost always better online rather than “instore”, and there are frequently special deals on the site and a better selection.

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