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Monday, January 31, 2011

No %&*$#@

requestgiraffegfairy007This is something that I has been on my mind for a while, swearing.  I don’t swear at all.  You will never hear me drop the f-bomb around or any other of those four letter words.  Am I just too uptight or old-fashion?  Because I simply can’t stand that sort of language, and I do get offended when people use it in my presence.  That happens quite a bit, especially while riding the bus.  I heard a man the other day with such a foul mouth, practically every other word out of his mouth was a curse word.  What made it worse was that there were several children within ear shot.  I’ve seen this so much too.  I’ve seen parents swearing in front of their own children, and then have the nerve to yell at them when they repeat it.  I overheard a guy not too long ago talking to a friend on his cellphone, worst language usage ever.  I kept thinking, if that’s how he speaks to his friends I’d hate to hear how he speaks to his enemies.  It’s not right to treat a friend so badly, or anyone for that matter.  It’s so disrespectful.  And I think such foul language is so unflattering to the user.  I over heard a woman once ranting on and on to someone, using the f-word several times per sentence and I’m not exaggerating.  I thought, is that the only word in her vocabulary?  Let’s just say she didn’t come off as being an intelligent person, but maybe I’m being too judgmental.  The bottom line is, I don’t swear because I have too much respect for others as well as myself.  I wish more people I meet felt that way.


  1. I totally agree with you. Sometimes I WANT to swear, because sometimes it seems like the only way to get my point across, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

  2. I think you show your point more when you don't swear, it shows you have more self-control.


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