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Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Goodwill Hunting

Goodwill had another 1/2 off sale yesterday, so I loaded up on more supplies.  As if I really needed any more supplies.  Anyway, here they all are.

PICT0002 (3)

At the top is some white cotton fabric that was $1 and a remnant that was 50 cents.  It appears to be the makings of two small sized sailor collars and a matching doll sized one.

As for the rest, starting from the right:

  • A large spool of a pinkish sort of thread that was 50 cents.
  • A baggie with some lace, a zipper, and a tassel that was also 50 cents.
  • A baggie with 8 zippers, a belt kit, and gold trim that was $1.
  • A spool of thin satin ribbon in a red-violet shade that was 35 cents.
  • A baggie with several spools of thread, (some wooden) for $1.
  • A baggie with a spool of white satin ribbon, a length of brown satin ribbon, and some cameos for $1.

Not a bad haul, wouldn’t you say so?

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