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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snap and Shine

photos 021
I saw some pretty hair clips a while back that I wanted to get, but I didn’t really feel like paying 3 bucks for them.  If I want pretty sparkly hair clips I’ll make them myself.  For these I used some clips I already had lying around the house.  They’re those kind that snap open and close.  I used some squeezed tube fabric paint to perk them up.  I made the mistake of painting them while snapped open the first time.  When I snapped them shut, the dots of paint flew off around the center.  Second time around, it worked fine.  Now I have cute custom-made hairclips with no extra cost.  Yay!
Here’s the updated list:
  • bunny hat
  • hair clips
  • toilet
  • curtains
  • rug
  • sink
  • sweater redo
  • bathtub
Two down, six to go.   Still researching the others.

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