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Friday, August 3, 2012

Lace and Friendship

I mentioned sometime last week that I recently got a huge amount of lace, so I thought I should show it off a bit.


A really nice lady I know from church apparently sews costumes and such.  People are always dumping stuff on her, including random bits of lace.  She decided to lighten her stash by filling a bag for me.  I was ecstatic.  Especially since I was expecting a grocery bag sized bag.  This was bigger than that.


This was the entire contents of the bag.  Tons of different types lace as well as ribbons, bric brac, and a couple of angel wings.  I think those are intended for doll making, score!  There’s a funny story about about the two balls of gold metallic trim at the bottom of the photo.  During Sunday school I pulled it out and started tugging at it, it was still a tangled mess then.  Anyway, I was thinking how I couldn’t find the ends of the trim and I accidently said this out loud.  Next thing you know about five people were all simultaneously trying to help me untangle it.  The exact words from one of them was “what are friends for”.  Aww, it’s now the “Trim of Friendship”.

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