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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

While We Wait, An Easy Fix for Fans

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It’s taking longer than expected to finish the next project on my list.  Much longer, sigh.  So I thought in the meantime I would share an idea I had.  One I meant to share ages ago.

Fixing up fans.

An easy way to fix a broken fan.

These are a pair of pretty handheld fans.  The one on the right came from a craft store, and the other came from an Asian grocery store.  Fans like these are easy to find and usually sell for $1-2 each.  So pretty and useful, especially when Spring and Summer come again.

An easy way to fix a broken fan.

Just one problem with them.  The little “handle” thing has a tendency to pop off after several uses.  And since that’s the only thing keeping the fan parts together on the pin thing, this is a big problem.

An easy way to fix a broken fan.

My first attempt to fix this was to simply thread ribbon through the fan.  This looks nice and adds a useful strap, but it’s only a temporary fix.  It’s difficult to tie the ribbon snug enough to actually work well.

Using jewelry pins to fix fans.

Enter the jewelry pins.

I bought these at Joann.  They’re intended for making earrings and such, but I thought they would be great for this task.  I’m sure regular jewelry wire would work too.

An easy way to fix a broken fan.

Just need to yank off that old pin thingy…

An easy way to fix a broken fan.

…Thread the jewelry pin through…

An easy way to fix a broken fan.

…and twist it at the end to secure.

I had to do it at both ends because the eye of the pin wasn’t big enough as is.  I should have measured first.  Oh well.

An easy way to fix a broken fan.

I’m sure with more practice (or more skill at jewelry making) I can make these look better.

An easy way to fix a broken fan.

But for now I am happy with the results.  My fans work perfectly now.  Now just need to wait for the weather to warm up enough to need them.

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