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Friday, May 27, 2016

Major Craft De-Stash, Part 1

I mentioned before that most of my craft projects on my current list are de-stashing my crafts instead of making.  I’m happy to say that I have just completed half of the job.  I used my basket trick to make it easier (see 2016 Resolutions Update: Round 2). 

Here’s the first few batches.

Major Craft De-Stash, Part 1: Patterns

First batch is patterns.  I actually have several more in storage, but they are almost impossible to get to anytime soon. 

Just sorting all the patterns cluttering up my craft area at home.  A few store bought, some free ones I found online, and several patterns I made based on the other ones.  

Major Craft De-Stash, Part 1: Patterns

And here they are all sorted. 

The ones in the basket are the keepers.  The ones are the right are going straight in the trash.  They are ones that are too damaged to use or those ones I made based on other patterns.  They were mainly made for a single dress and so there isn’t much point in keeping them around.

The small middle pile is actually a pattern for a teddy bear I made from scratch (see Sewing for Baby).  I am going to scan that on to my computer before tossing.  If I do some editing on it, I may post it here. 

That last pile is some patterns I will either sell or giveaway.  I have never used them anyway, and some of them are too similar to patterns I have or can find for free.  No point in keeping them.

Major Craft De-Stash, Part 1: Lace, Ribbon, Etc.

The next batch is the most fun.  Lace, ribbon,flowers, buttons and beads, etc.  Lots of pretty stuff.  Fun to sort through, but difficult to part with.

Major Craft De-Stash, Part 1: Lace, Ribbon, Etc.

Difficult, but not impossible.

The ones in the basket are all the embellishments I am keeping, and the rest are going.  That smaller pile at the bottom is heading straight to the trash.  Not sure why I kept them so long.  The others I will giveaway or sell.

Major Craft De-Stash, Part 1: Sewing Supplies and Tools

The last one is full of things like pins, scissors, tools, needles, glue, zippers, elastic, etc.  Stuff that come in handy when making stuff, at least when I actually use it.

Major Craft De-Stash, Part 1: Sewing Supplies and Tools

Again, the keepers are in the basket and the rest are getting the boot.  Mostly extra pin cushions, needle cases, thread in colors I don’t use much, and random stuff.  Yes that is a box of dental floss, don’t ask.

My crash stash is clearer already, can’t say the same about the rest of the house.  When I say I’m giving things away, that usually means to my family members.  They may need to de-stash soon too.

Here’s the updated list:

  • lining
  • patterns
  • lace
  • pins
  • scraps
  • fabric
  • supplies
  • uniform

Four down, four more to go.  The next few should be up in a couple of days. Look forward to it.


  1. I find it so relaxing going through stuff and reorganizing it. Found your blog through the happiness is homemade link up :)

    Edye | Http://

  2. Good for you! My daughter and I just did the same thing! She still had some of her sewing things at my house and we went through it all. Feels good to get rid of stuff and have it all more organized.

    1. It does feel good, though I still have to do more organizing.


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