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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stash Busting for the Holidays

Christmas is getting dangerously closer every day, well maybe “dangerously” is too strong a word.  Anyway, I haven’t done much crafting yet so it’s time to get into high gear.  I decided to try something slightly different this years.  I won’t have a list, at least not one I can post here.  It lists only those I’m crafting for so it would probably ruin the surprise this year.  So instead I will post this…

craft stash overload

…my craft stash.  Well actually a small portion of my stash, probably about a 4th of it all.  This pile is made up of leftover fabric from recent and not so recent projects, bits of lace and other trims, flowers, buttons, Christmas stuff I got for free, stuff from my recent thrift store haul (see Bagging it on Black Friday), fleece scraps from several years ago, t-shirts I wanted to alter, and several items I got on a whim that I haven’t touched since.  I decided to challenge myself.  For this Christmas, these are the only supplies I will allow myself to use with the exception of stuff like thread, my glue gun, sewing machine, etc.  So just these and basic supplies on hand.  I will not spend any money either.  Who needs more supplies when I have plenty already.  So far I have several ideas for Christmas ornaments planned because it just isn’t Christmas without handmade ornaments.  Plus I do plan on making a new dress.  Look forward to it. :)

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