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Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally Finished on the Fleece

As the title says, I finally finished my November project list.  In December.  A week late.  Sad smile
Well, a few things kind of popped up.  Very important life altering things, but I can’t talk about it. 
DSCI2699 (800x499)
Anyway, the idea of making little fleece bows popped in my head while doing some cutting.  What better thing to do with small scraps of fleece?  All you really need are three rectangle pieces and something to stick the finished bow to like a clip or something.  I wanted to stick these bows to hair elastics, but for some reason I couldn’t find any.  I’m sure I had a ton somewhere.  I just used strips of elastic, they are actually more secure this way.
DSCI2715 (800x511)
The next one is an idea I have been toying with for like a year.  Little cat-shaped purses.  I made them in two colors/patterns and two of each.  In the picture it shows the front and back view of each.  On the front of each one is a little bitty heart made from a scrap of the back pattern.  Think of it as the kitty’s nose.  I would have put eyes too, but I thought it might look to cluttered.  How is it, are they fine the way they are or do they look weird without eyes?
DSCI2708 (800x492)
Next is sunglasses cases.  I found a piece of fleece with this interesting red pattern and thought it would be perfect for a case of some kind.  Just a simple pouch shape, slanted at the opening with a fabric cord loop attached, not too hard to make.  I decided to make a second matching one with white fleece.  It would have been black, but I seem to be lacking in that color.  Oh well, it still looks good.
DSCI2704 (800x650)
And the last project is these cuffs.  They are pretty easy to make.  I just cut the fleece in the strips and braided them.  Then I sewed the ends together, of course that was the hard part.  Sewing the ends without making them look messy or ugly.  I think I did a good job on that part, but just in case I added little bows to hide any goofs.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Hair accessories
  • Tiny teddies
  • Tiny birds
  • Bags
  • Tiny sweaters
  • Tiny hats
  • Yoyo’s
  • Cases
  • Key chains
  • Cuffs
Ten down and out.  It’s funny.  Usually in December I start working on my big old Christmas list of gifts and decorations and stuff.  This year, thanks to all the stuff I made for this list and the Christmas stuff I made last summer, I have no need to make anything for December.  My crafting is done for the year.  Nothing left but to enjoy the month and maybe get a leg up for next year. 

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