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Monday, September 26, 2011

Perfectly Patterned and Pink

So I made this lovely doll-sized dress, just one.  I intended to make more, but found making one enough of a challenge.  There were parts of the bodice that were surprisingly difficult to do because of the smaller size, mainly the sleeves.  The rest was simple.  The dress is basically a smaller version of the many dresses I’ve been making for myself.  I made the pattern from scratch so I was a little concern about how it would turn it.  But it came out great so I guess this means my pattern making skills have improved.  I wonder if I should try more elaborate doll dresses in the future?  Or possible go for a smaller size?  This one might fit a very slender 18 inch doll, but what if I made one for a 11.5 inch doll?  Hmm.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Hair elastics
  • Acorn pins
  • Tiny shoes
  • Tiny purses
  • Dress
  • Pencils
  • Cat toys
  • Tiny dresses
  • Cloth doll
  • Tiny accessories
  • Green dress
Eight down, just three more to go.  The next two will be up together by Wednesday.

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