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Friday, September 23, 2011

7 is Old?

Today is Midnight’s birthday.  My dear cat is now 7 years old, the age marked on bags of “senior diet” cat foods.Eye rolling smile  Well, she doesn’t seem to care so it shouldn’t worry me either.  She’s a healthy, active cat with no problems.
DSCI0586And what every healthy, active cat needs is plenty of toys to keeping her healthy and active.  So I made plenty, not all of them are for her though.  I thought it would be good to have a few extra, maybe to list in my shoppe or give as gifts.  Plus they are fun to make.  They are all made with scraps of fleece and are supposed to be shaped like fish.  It’s not because Midnight eats fish (fish really isn’t very good for cats to have too often anyway since it can lead to steatitis), I think the shape makes it easier to play with for people.  I can easily hold the tail end and wave it around while she aims for the head, and that way my fingers don’t get bitten.  These would be especially useful for kittens since that’s more of a problem in younger cats.  Anyway, Midnight will be having loads of fun today.  Plus for dinner she’s getting one of four different flavors of these pouches I got.  They are turkey and giblets, beef and gravy, tuna with sauce, and chicken.  I still not sure which one to give her.  Which seems more “birthday” appropriate?
Here’s the updated list:
  • Hair elastics
  • Acorn pins
  • Tiny shoes
  • Tiny purses
  • Dress
  • Pencils
  • Cat toys
  • Tiny dresses
  • Cloth doll
  • Tiny accessories
  • Green dress
Seven down, four to go.  The next project will be up by Monday.

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