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Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving Update

When are you officially “moved in”, when you moved everything to your new location or when everything is actually unpacked?  Right now I am living amongst several boxes of seemingly random stuff.  There are boxes in my room that are supposed to be in the kitchen, boxes in the dining room that are supposed to be in the bathroom, etc.  I can’t do any sewing because my sewing machine is on the dining room table and the cord is in a box that is who knows where.  Plus all my craft supplies are still in boxes all over the place.  At least we’ve managed to find the boxes holding the essentials.  Food, clothing, dental products, and dvds/videos to distract my niece and nephew.  You’ve got to love our priorities.


  1. So sorry. 'They' say that moving is one of the most traumatic events in ones life. We moved so much when we were kids. I hate it. I hope it straightens out soon for you.

  2. Thanks, everthing is smoothing out now. We just needed a few more days to adjust.


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