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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It Finally Came

Remember that grab bag I won from that giveaway at Organize and Decorate Everything (see I Won!!), it finally arrived.  Well, technically it arrived yesterday, but they delivered it to the apartment office.  I went over in the rain to get it, and they were closed already. Crying face 

I decided to go for a walk in the rain instead to check out my new neighborhood.  I would have taken pictures but I forgot my camera.  I will have to do that some time, this area it quite beautiful.


Anyway, it didn’t take long to tear open the box.  Inside was…


…A sweet little note for me thanking me for entering the giveaway and checking out the blog…


…Some clear flower stamps that look really cool and cute wooden alphabet stamps (I love stamps)…


…Sports themed chipboard pieces and pretty papers…


…a small clipboard (can’t wait to decorate it)…


…an accordion style album and a journal…


…four fat quarters (can’t decide on a favorite)…


…a pack of note cards (been needing some badly)…


…some metal tags (these are SO Cute!!!)…


…and the surprise.  I found it at the bottom.  I love the way it was wrapped, how come bows never look that perfect when I tie them?  Guess what was inside?


Isn’t it a beautiful necklace.  The pendant is made from a large washer, that’s just so cool.  Overall, the whole package was wonderful.  Now I just have to find uses for all these new goodies.

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