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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Decorating and Launching

I managed to finish everything on my list within the past few days.  Yay!

 photos 1202

First up, this wallet.  I decided my old wallet was getting a bit cruddy, so of course I had to whip up a new one.  I used some scraps leftover from the skirt I made and decorated it with some bows and a scrap of lace.  It has a bill fold, two roomy pockets on the inside, one on the outside and…

 photos 1204

…a zippered pocket for change.  This is a necessity for me.  I love getting change, but seldom have a place for it in store bought wallets.  Guess that would explain why I bother making them instead of buying them, not just because it’s fun. 

photos 1207

Next is a notebook.  I got this notebook as a promotional freebie some time ago and I never leave the house without it.  It is the perfect size to tuck in my bag and has a pen holder that actually works.  Of course years of being tossed into my bag has left it a little roughed up.  Easy to fix that.

 photos 1219

A touch of paint, some adhesive gems, glitter and Modge Podge all come to save the day.  This photo doesn’t do it any justice, it looks so good now in person.  Now I love taking it out to jot something down.

photos 1212

Now this basket, I rescued it from being tossed, a good basket is always handy to have around.  I thought it would be a great place to store all my laces and other trimmings, but it needed some “trimming”.

 photos 1217 How’s this?  A glue gun and scraps of lace are all it took to turn it from a plain Jane basket to, well what would you call it?  I wish I had more baskets lying around now to decorate, these would look lovely on a dresser or in the bathroom.

blue ad buttonNow the last and most ambitious project, a forum site.  Click the image to check it out, hope you all like it.  It isn’t too much at the moment, these sort of things are never fully “complete”, but that’s what makes a forum so much fun.  They are always changing to fit the user’s needs, evolving into a better being or whatever.  I just hope I can keep up with the future needs, it should be a blast.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Sunflower dress
  • Black headband
  • Update pioneer dress
  • Prettied up shoes
  • Pleated skirt
  • Wallet
  • Makeover notebook
  • Trim basket
  • Forum

    Nine down and out.  No time to rest though, I now have a forum keep up and two holidays to plan.  My Christmas project list should be up in a few days, look forward to it. 


    1. Great Work!! It always helps to have a list to keep you focused!


    2. You deserve a great big "Congratulations!" Job well done!!!


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