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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Of Pleats, Weird Clothing, and Hiking?

Oops, I knew I forgot to do something last week, like posting for instance.  Actually it has been more than a week, but it could be worse.  I do know of a few bloggers who have gone two months without so much as a sentence, of course when they came back they had so much to talk about that it was so worth the wait. 

photos 1187Anyway, the next project on the list was a skirt that I wore church last Sunday to show off.  Lately every piece of clothing has been something I can only pull off at church.  Maybe it’s time I either start making casual stuff again or start wearing the weird stuff while grocery shopping or whatever.  Now back on topic, all the skirts I have made before were gathered at the top, so I thought it would good to try pleats instead.  I am now regretting that thought since it took way more time than usual to do and the end result wasn’t what I expected.  And I messed up on the back pleats which is why I didn’t take a photo of the back side.  On the bright side, the skirt still looked cute with my capelet, and a strange woman said I looked adorable as she drove by.  At least I think she was talking to me, no one else on the street at the time.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Sunflower dress
  • Black headband
  • Update pioneer dress
  • Prettied up shoes
  • Pleated skirt
  • Wallet
  • Makeover notebook
  • Trim basket
  • Forum
  • Five down, four to go.  Here’s a bonus, my Sunday school class joined up with a local hiking group this weekend.  It was the first time in years that I went hiking, so I was understandably slow on the trail.  I did manage to take a quick shot of the area just as the sun was setting.

    photos 1190

    Hope the photo isn’t too bad.  We saw a cute rabbit too, but he was too fast for my camera skills :(

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