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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Thrifting Experience

I went to Goodwill today for their 1/2 off sale, it was a blast.  I found plenty of goodies to mess around with at great prices.

photos 1084I saw the pretty fabric on the left about a week ago and I was surprised it was still there.  I’m not sure yet what I want to do with it.  I also found a baggie full of different types of lace, a major lifesaver since I’ve been out of lace.  The best is the huge spool of elastic on the right of the photo.  I needed to get more quite badly and now it will be an awfully long time before I run out again.  Yay.

photos 1087 I grabbed a another baggie full of miscellaneous craft supplies.  On top is some hooks and a box of snaps, always useful.  The bottom left is a set 3 pairs of earrings, minus one.  I think they would make cute buttons or something.  On the bottom right is three boxes of something that is a complete mystery to me.  Not sure what they are or what to do with them.  In the center is a bunch of googly eyes and some cute miniatures.

photos 1090 Here’s a close up of the minis.  It is a tiny knitting book and a basket of yarn and needles.  Where were these when I was making the knitting stuff for the that last video (See Mountain Climbing or Knitting?).  I do love them but I am not sure if I want to keep them, give them away, or sell them on Etsy.  Gotta give it some more thought.

The grand total for all these was only $4.46, of course the thrifting experience was priceless.


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