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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It’s Cat Day Again

photos 1076

Today is Midnight’s birthday, yay!  She is now 6 years old, and totally oblivious to it.   I wish cats were more aware of these things, although it does makes surprising them easier.  I started the day with dressing her up and attempting to take her picture.  Not a lot of luck with that, I only got two pictures of her holding still.  This one wasn’t too bad I guess.


photos 1077

Here’s the better photo, she is not looking at me at all, but at least you can see the rest of her.  She is wearing a dress I made for her years ago, I forget what it was intended for originally.  It is made from a satin-y material and embellished with little bows.  I made a little wreath for her head, but Midnight hates have things around her ears.  I think she looks really cute in pink and she doesn’t seem to mind the dress at all except in warmer weather.  The rest of the celebrations will include playing with all her favorite toys, snuggling while watching movies, and a very special treat.  I found a coupon for a free Fancy Feast appetizer while clearing out my coupon file. I had completely forgotten about it, so it was great timing to find it a few days before her birthday.  What a lucky kitty.

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