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Sunday, August 5, 2018

First Aid Kit to Cute Nintendo 2DS Case

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As promised yesterday, here’s the next project on my craft list.  But first, let me share something new and wonderful.

The New Nintento 2DS XL still in the box.

My Nintendo 2DS XL.

I got it (on sale!) about two months ago, and it’s been entertaining (and distracting) me ever since.

The back side of the Nintendo 2 DS XL box.

I originally was looking at the cheaper Nintendo 2DS bundles, but I went with this one because the screen was larger and it’s able to play more games.  You can compare all the features on this site.

Anyway, I thought that my nice new handheld gaming console could use a nice case to carry it along with all the games and accessories I find myself lugging around.

A red first aid kit case from CVS, the drug store.

Enter the first aid kit case, we sell it at work (I work in a CVS drug store). 

There was a deal where if you bought three first aid items you would get a coupon for a free case.  Long story short, I now have five free cases.  Got to find a use for them all somehow.

The inside of the the first aid kit case, there are several built in pockets and a zippered one.

It has plenty of built in pockets and a zippered one too.  Perfect for storing plenty of things, besides Band-Aids.

The first aid kit case is great for the storing the nintendo ds, but it could be cuter.

The downside is it isn’t that cute looking.  The CVS logo screams medical supplies.

First Aid Kit to Nintendo 2DS Case.

It’s time to fix that, let’s take this plain looking case and make it super cute!

Cut two pieces of cute fabric large enough to cover the sides of the case, with a little extra on the sides to fold in the raw fabric edge.

First, I cut two pieces of fabric large enough to cover the sides of the case, plus a little extra to finish the raw edges.  I found it easier to cut some paper to the size I wanted first, and then use that as a “pattern”.

Close up of the cute fabric, it's a pink flannel with kawaii bunnies all over.

This is the fabric I used, it’s a super cute pink flannel print I found at SAS.  I bought several yards of it, so you will be seeing more projects with it.

Cut the corners of the fabric before folding back the raw edges and pinning them down.

I cut the corners of the fabric before folding and pinning back the edges.  This takes care of those raw edges.

Add pretty lace along the edges of the fabric if you want.

Then I added lace along the edges.

Pin the fabric to the sides of the case, then carefully sew along the edges, by hand or machine.  It's easier by hand though.

With the fabric all prepped and ready, I pinned it to the sides of the case and carefully sewed it on with a zig-zag stitch.

I used a zig-zag stitch because I knew the stitches would show on the inside, and thought the zig-zags would look cuter.

Finish with a cute bow.

Add a bow on the front, and the outside of the case is done.

Now for the inside I wanted a little more pocket space, surprisingly.

To make an extra pouch pocket, cut fabric the same width as the other pieces and three times as long.  Hem or finish the raws edges.

I cut another piece of fabric the same width as the other ones, but three times the length.  I then finished the raw edges by folding them once and zig-zaging around.

I did it that way instead of a regular hem to reduce the bulk, flannel is quite thick.

Fold the fabric at the bottom and sew on the sides to form a pocket with the rest of the fabric being the flap.

Then fold the bottom third up, sew the sides and bottom to create an instant pocket….

Sew on some Velcro to close the flap, but oops!  Should have done that before sewing down the pocket.

…Only to realize afterward that I should have sewn on the Velcro before sewing the pocket.  It would have been so much easier.  Lesson learned.

sew a line of stitching or two to divide the pocket to organize supplies.

Then I stitched a line down the pocket to make two smaller ones for organizing my junk.  The one is for extra styluses, and the other is for screen wipes and other stuff.

Sew the pouch into the case along the bottom edge.

I attached it to the bottom of the case.  It kind of reminds me of a binder pencil case now.

Now the ds case is finished and ready to fill with gaming stuff.

And with that the case is finished and ready to fill.

The filled nintendo ds case filled on one side with charging cables and such.

Here I have my chargers and power bank neatly secured in their pockets.

The nintendo ds case filled on the other side with games, plus the 2 ds xl peeking out of it's pocket.

And here, I have my 2DS XL in it’s new pocket along with my game cards in their zippered pocket.

A bunch of Nintendo DS and 3DS game carts stored in tiny ziplock bags, they are actually pill pouches.

Speaking of games, here’s how I store them to keep them free of dust and scratches.  They are kept in what appears to be tiny zip lock baggies when not in use.

A medicine pouch bought from a drug store.  They are perfect for storing ds games to keep them dust free and safe.

These are actually tiny medicine bags I also bought at work.  You can find them at most drug stores.  They are also handy for storing tiny craft supplies, like beads.

Here’s the updated list:

Three down, three more to go.

Give it a try:

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