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Friday, March 23, 2018

Q Box Unboxing: Late Clearance Box Opening

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Here’s something super late.  Last November I stumbled upon Q Box.  It’s a subscription box, sort of like Kawaii Box, which features cute goodies mostly from Japan based on a monthly theme.  Some past themes include Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

Q Box Clearance Box Unboxing

Anyway, I discovered they were having a special box, their clearance box.  Packed full with more items than normal at a cheaper price.  Plus, they were having a special sale, buy 2 get 1 free.  Hard to resist that.

Cute packaging for Q Box, the cute subscription box

So not long later, this adorably cute package showed up in the mail for me.

Three cute Q Box boxes, waiting to be opened.

And inside were three “boxes”, I think the last one was packed in the cute heart bag to save space.

Close up of a cute Christmas sticker on a subscription box.

It was close to Christmas at the time, so they put cute little holiday stamps on the boxes.  Most fitting since I actually used many of the goodies inside for Christmas.  I stuffed those pouches I made (see Sewing Pouches, Lots of Them) and gave them as gifts.

Close up of the Q Box logo sticker on the box.

Anyway, the boxes and all other packaging also had Q Box’s special little logo sticker, in case anyone forgot where this stuff all came from. :)

The inside of one of the Q Box clearance boxes, they can fit of lot of cute stuff in each one.

And a lot of stuff there was, each box was crammed full of fun surprises.  I had originally intended to open one box at a time, you know, take my time with it.  But I ended up ripping through all three at once.  I did take the time to make a video, which was then pushed to side due to holiday preparation.

But finally, here is my Q Box unboxing video.


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