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Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Favorite Things: Hefty Slider Bags

The latest favorite things to showcase is probably one of the strangest ones, but trust me, it’s fantastic.

My Favorite Things: Hefty Slider Bags

Baggies.  Hefty Slider bags to be exact.

I usually get them on sale with coupons, and I stock up.  I find little baggies to be fantastic around the house, especially these ones.  It’s because that little slider thing makes them open and close quickly making them easy to use, plus they are very sturdy for plastic baggies which makes them easy to reuse.  And I do just that a lot.

Using Slider Bags for Craft Supplies

My main use for them is storing craft materials.  I can sort beads, ribbons, findings, etc. and I can even use them temporarily to corral materials needed for projects in progress depending on the size of the baggie I use.  I also use them for non-crafty organizing and on sometimes, occasionally I actually use these bags for food.

Overall I find them brilliant to use, but not to say that I’m totally loyal to this brand.  I found a similar store brand version at CVS sometime ago.  Since it was on sale, I decided to try them out.  They have the same little slider thing and seem to be just as sturdy.  Let’s just see how they work in the long run.

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